God created the heavens and the earth.
First he imagined them and only then did he give reality to his creations.
God also created man, in his image, and in doing so he gave man the abilty to
give reality to his imagination, with the same power that is as abundantly
available to man as it is to God. Everything on this planet is here because
someone imagined it and then gave it reality. God gave us the plants, animals,
ocean, atmosphere only after imagining these things first. The same can be said
for manmade objects. Every manmade object on Earth was imagined first and then
brought to reality. Most things here now, such as airplanes, had to go thru
several layers of imagination and creation over several centuries before they
reached their current level of sophistication, each new renovation being
imagined or envisioned by a another person as time goes by. Our world is full of wonderful creations large and small, from artisticly beautiful to mechanically industrial and everything in between, created first in imagination and brought to life through the force of the human will.

All things imagined can be manifested

This ability to bring imagined concepts into the physical realm is a gift that belongs to all of humanity and is used by every person, everyday and is an automatic process, that is to say most of the time you do not realize that you are making your imagined concepts real at all times, even as you are unaware of the processes and forces that are at work. Most of these creative forces are working in your subconcious mind, and are very powerful indeed! In this series of posts we are going to take a look inside of ourselves, see if we can get some insight into the nature of these energy flows that we have working inside of us, and find out if we ┬ácan channel these very human processes to help us to grow spiritually as well as emotionally and financially (wouldn’t that be nice!). We have alot of material to cover, so lets dig in.