Santa Catalina Tekakwitha, virgin

Every time we faithfully fulfill the Gospel in daily life, we can be sure that we will encounter some kind of difficulty or opposition. When there are cases of rejection, ridicule or persecution, where can we find a firm and secure pillar to support us? In faith in Christ and in the assurance that the Holy Spirit dwells in us and gives us his strength and wisdom.

When Jesus sent the Twelve – and by extension, all believers – to preach the Gospel, He gave them warnings and recommendations. The Lord always depended on the power of the Holy Spirit and the love and protection of his Father, because he knew that it was inevitable that his mission was misunderstood. Likewise, the disciples should not be concerned about what they should say when they were judged by their testimony of Christ, for “it shall not be you that speak, but the Spirit of his Father that shall speak for you” (Matthew 10:20) .

Jesus was hated, betrayed, condemned and finally executed for his testimony; Nevertheless, at all times, resorted to the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Even when his enemies thought he had been defeated, Jesus remained rooted in his knowledge of the Father’s love and knew that he would not be disappointed.

The Holy Spirit who dwells in us is the one who pours the love of God into our hearts and gives us the confidence to face the opposition (Romans 5: 1-5). But if persecution is inevitable, it is even truer the power of the Spirit who lives in us through Baptism. The Paraclete delights in strengthening us when we are faithful and obedient to God, willing to pay the price of our testimony of Christ.

However, the modest steps of obedience that we give are always dwarfed by the faithfulness with which God fulfills his promise to guide us and encourage us through the action of his Spirit. It is impossible to have a greater confidence than this, because there is no more faithful companion than the Holy Spirit.

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