Hi, I’m John Scott and I want to be honest with you so I am showing you this picture of me that really says alot about me. You can see that I am really serious about enjoying my self. This is absolutely my number one goal in life. I make sure that I spend alot of me time every day. I can just let time go by as fast or as slow as it will, as long as its about me. When my ‘me’ time is over, however, I want to really grind it out, and put product on the table. I really give it all I have and focus as fully as I can on my projects. I believe that giving 100% of my energy is what I expect from my effort. I want to create the most complete and creative project that is possible. Anything less than 100% feels like I am skimping out and I want to always put my best foot forward. I feel that if I give the best of myself that I can, the best things in life will find the way back to me.